The Boss and A Widow’s Might   Leave a comment

“Truly, I say to you, this poor widow put in more than all the contributors to the treasury.” (Mark 12:43)

The poor widow drops a few copper coins into the treasury donation box, already filled with the gaudy gifts of the rich.  Jesus watches her, and calls the disciples together to show them what he sees:  a woman who gave all she owned.  In his eyes, her giving far exceeded the gifts of the wealthy, who gave much more money, but far less of themselves.

This leads me to think, perhaps surprisingly, of Bruce Springsteen.  The Boss.

Diehard Bruce Springsteen fans would not count me among their ranks.  I don’t really know the lyrics to his songs, haven’t been to more than a couple of his concerts.   But I do love and respect the way he performs and makes music.   If you want to see the most stirring tribute of a performer that you’ll ever see, watch Jon Stewart here hilariously and movingly pay homage.

The best line (well, second best, after referring to the Boss as the progeny of a love-relationship between Bob Dylan and James Brown) is when Stewart describes how Springsteen, in everything he does, “empties the tank, every time.  He empties the tank for his family, for his art, for his audience, and for his country.  And we who are on the receiving end of this beautiful gift are rejuvenated, if not redeemed.”

I don’t worship Bruce.  Rejuvenated as I may be by his music, I believe that only one Redeemer lives.

But I also am challenged, inspired and invited by people like the Boss to give like the poor widow gave, emptying the tank, every time.  It seems that Jesus takes notice.


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